Cloud Deployments

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, LanTech can handle your cloud deployment in a timely and professional manner. Because of our proven capability to deploy complex cloud architectures, we have a long track record of successful infrastructure and application deployments on AWS.

Our cloud deployment initiatives include:

  • Strategy and roadmap - to facilitate decisions such as how your company can benefit from the cloud and which applications are most suitable for your cloud servers.
  • Architecture design - to gather cloud requirements, create logical network diagrams and cloud architecture documents.
  • Cloud development - with cutting-edge cloud technologies including deep automation with Amazon CloudFormation, Chef, and Docker.
  • Integration - with existing systems and applications in your current data center.
  • Deployment - of the new cloud production, staging, and test environments.
  • Testing - of all functionality at scale and high load.
  • Full documentation - of your new cloud infrastructure to get your team up to speed faster.

Architecture Design

Architecture design and deployment of systems and applications that achieve the maximum uptime possible.

Design of your new cloud infrastructure based on your specific organization’s requirements and optimized to take advantage of the dynamic nature of cloud.

Architecture design and deployment of systems and applications that grow with your business.

Optimization recommendations based on a review of your systems and applications, industry standards, and our own best practices.

Audit existing AWS deployments for best practices and remediate existing issues.

Security updates and optimizations based on an audit of your applications and infrastructure.

Integration & Deployment

Infrastructure and application deployment in the cloud.

Development of custom load testing solutions to prepare your application and infrastructure for users.

Leverage benefits of big data with cutting-edge big data solutions from AWS.

Deployment of your infrastructure solutions to multiple regions and data centers to help you meet DR requirements.