LanTech VoIP Services

VoIP Services Ashburn

LanTech has provided telecommunication services, including hosted and non-hosted end-to-end VoIP solutions to our Federal and Commercial clients. Our capabilities include but are not limited to designing, programming, cabling/rough-in, and installing these solutions, as well as comprehensive support, training, and maintenance services.

LanTech has worked with ShoreTel, Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, and many other switching, routing, firewall, and Power Over Ethernet (POE) OEMs. Upon customer request, LanTech has conducted Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA) on four to five VoIP equipment vendors and welcomes the opportunity to work with our customers to evaluate the differences, and select the right solution that meets their needs.

With quick turnaround, LanTech will deliver the following expertise, capabilities, and results to meet and exceed any customer's VoIP needs. We can flexibly address other VoIP areas of consideration a customer may have.

LanTech can expertly:

  • Perform Network Design, Cabling, Wiring, Rough-in, complete end-to-end installation, troubleshooting, deployment, training, and support services.
  • Provide support via our Network Operations Center - Help Desk Service
  • Security-cleared professionals
  • Conduct a requirements analysis for your VoIP system architecture. Based on the results, we will develop a complete VoIP system solution for both present and future customer users.
  • Conduct an Agency-focused cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of alternative platforms per best-in-class equipment such as Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, ShoreTel, etc.
  • Work closely with customers to design their VoIP network and cable infrastructure. During this process, we work with their security team to make sure what equipment needs to be behind the firewall, whether voice/data networks should be on the same cable/network or separated, and fiber/CAT6 cabling design.
  • Deploy full voice and telecommunications including fixed voice, mobile voice and softphones for users physically inside your offices as well as remote access for regional offices and virtual offices.
  • Enable messaging that includes integrated email, voicemail, fax and unified messaging.
  • In addition to other clients, LanTech's VoIP solution also supports your thin web clients and mobile clients.
  • Enable conferencing capabilities that include audio, video, and web conferencing. These include meeting room technologies, multipoint webcam approaches, and integrated conferencing solutions. LanTech's VoIP solution can support both smaller scale and organization-wide networked videoconferences.
  • Install applications that have integrated communication functions such as consolidated administration tools, collaboration applications, and notification applications.
  • Facilitate the customer's Continuity of Operations by enabling continuity of services through technologies for extension mobility. We can provide alternate means of communication during disasters.
  • Provide VoIP Solutions can enable international calling.
  • Enable desk sharing for customer employees so they can use any available desk, simply logging into the communications system so that it assumes their extensions.
  • Provide a cost-effective foundation for our customers. This is achieved through our design, programming and installation of advanced, feature-rich VoIP services that implement converged voice, data and video through LanTech-unified communications technologies.

LanTech has and can provide all necessary VoIP user equipment for the customer. We suggest that the customer take advantage of LanTech's Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) approach to evaluate available VoIP equipment solutions. Based on your requirements, LanTech provides the data to support the responses to your questions, and if needed, we will help you ask the right questions that reflect your site and usage conditions. We can provide a sample upon request.

The CBA report and its answers are laid out in a rating format intended to remove as much subjectivity as possible. customer decision makers will see a detailed analysis of the VoIP systems used today, both in government and commercial organizations across the globe. Further details can be provided if requested. While it is not necessary, this CBA is highly recommended. For further information about LanTech's VoIP CBA, please contact us.

LanTech will help the customer transition into a new VoIP deployment with a carefully crafted plan, installation, and deployment schedule, all with top quality and efficient labor. LanTech will work with the customer and keep you informed during each phase of this process.

Additional LanTech VoIP/Telecom related services include:

  • Security cleared professionals
  • Quick response, quick turnaround - Comprehensive installation and maintenance support for all customer office locations.
  • Security assessments are conducted as required.
  • All types of training to your staff, users, and all key personnel.